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16.08.2017 12:24

A brief guide to German garden colonies

They might look like slums or homes for garden gnomes. Those peculiar settlements of tiny little houses with allotment gardens, known as the "Schrebergarten," are a typically German phenomenon.

16.08.2017 12:23

AfD populists milk anti-refugee anger in German region with few asylum seekers

Support for the anti-immigration AfD has been eroding, but not in eastern Germany. The right-wing populists remain a force in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, which has fewer refugees than any other state. How can that be?

16.08.2017 10:45

Airlines swoop in on insolvent Air Berlin

As Air Berlin faces being broken up, a number of other airlines are jostling to buy up the leftovers of what was once Germany's second largest carrier. Ryanair seems to prefer staying on the sidelines sulking.

16.08.2017 08:41

What philosopher Hannah Arendt would say about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not a totalitarian, but his creation of a social movement is very dangerous - and the left is enabling it, explains Roger Berkowitz, a scholar on renowned Jewish-German philosopher Hannah Arendt.

15.08.2017 21:46

SPD's Martin Schulz outlines new vision for integration in Germany

The Social Democrats' leader has warned of the "fatal mistake" of mixing the debate on integration with security policy. Weeks ahead of key elections, the SPD has tried to distance itself from Angela Merkel's CDU.

15.08.2017 20:13

Liverpool win first leg, but Hoffenheim grab late lifeline

Liverpool have beaten Hoffenheim 2-1 in the first leg of their Champions League qualifier and will take a narrow lead and two away goals back to Anfield. Still, a late Hoffenheim strike offers hope for the second leg.

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